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Discover “The Salty”, the estuary city of Vallarta

Descubre El Salado, el estero urbano de Vallarta
Descubre El Salado, el estero urbano de Vallarta


In Puerto Vallarta you are waiting for a holiday really unforgettable: beaches, ideal for lounging under the sun or practice water sports, fascinating museums, rides amazing through the most ancient history, a path of gastronomic delights indiscutidas and luxury hotels at your fingertips up the combo perfect for your days by this city of dreams are simply the best.

And if you want to live in addition to an adventure without limits, of those that raise our adrenaline to the maximum and bring us closer to one hundred percent to the natural world, you will not be able to leave to discover The“Salted”, the estuary city of Vallarta, a vast protected area that hides treasures and unfathomable mysteries and invites you to spend a day completely out of the ordinary. It is known as estero city because their boundaries are delineated by the stain city to the port and comprises an area of over 150 thousand hectares. Something really amazing!

The Salt is composed of mangroves and salt marshes, but also by remnants of forest bordered by aquatic vegetation, forests of huge trees and hundreds of native plants of colors and shapes dazzling. On the whole, the estuary constitutes a real green lung of Puerto Vallarta and guardian of the secret of the most varied ecosystems, a site in which there are hundreds of species of animals. The connection that it maintains with the ocean is permanent and relentless and occurs through a channel immense that provides the preferred scenery for many aquatic species that live in healthy conditions due to the perfect combination between salt water and fresh water that provides.

More than a hundred species of birds flying through the sky, a myriad of reptiles of all sizes, raccoons, and zarigueyas, fiddler crabs, fish of all colors, without a doubt, a show not to be missed for lovers of eco-tourism that arrive to Puerto Vallarta in search of something more than comfort, rest and relaxation.

Regularly from the city you can take tours and excursions to venture out into The Salt and living there a truly memorable day. Generally, the tours in the estuary are in charge of a biologist, a member of the conservation team of the area, who narrates to his step the delicacies are presented, and teaching about the ecosystems in the area are developed. Aboard a ship, you’ll have the opportunity to see from very close many animal species in the three types of mangrove to other which grow to the length and width of the estuary.

On the other hand, you can also climb the Tower of Sighting, a site located high up which provides the best panoramic views to the entirety of the region and offers its visitors the best postcards for souvenir.

That’s why, if vacacionas in Puerto Vallarta, it is without doubt one of those things that nothing in the world can stop you from doing. Discover The Salt and let yourself be carried by the wildlife hidden in this beautiful city!

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