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Know Costalegre, the city of the sunsets prettiest of the Pacific

Costalegre, la ciudad con los atardeceres mas lindos
Costalegre, la ciudad con los atardeceres mas lindos


Think of a destination to enjoy a few days of rest is always a difficult decision. Not many places provide good scenery, opportunities for relaxation, dining options on-site, cultural and natural, and sports activities. But there is a site that, if you need despejarte of the routine, is the ideal vacation getaway. It is Costalegre, a coastal region which includes beaches and villages of the utmost beauty, where absolutely everything has the indisputable charm of the ecosystems most pristine and preserved the coast of the Pacific.

In its 95 miles, that stretches from Puerto Vallarta to Manzanillo, you’ll be able to enjoy one of the best evenings under the bright sun feeling the unmatched freshness of the breeze marina. There is No better way of spending the days walking through the fine sand of its beaches, or swimming for its crystal clear waters. The tropical flora and fauna, which is interspersed with the beautiful scenery, and the cliffs that are located in some sectors, will be the subject of a few of your best photos.

The most beautiful postcards, those that will stay in your memories for life, occur when the sun begins to cross the threshold of the horizon and in the sky are projected to yellowish and reddish figures, while in the sea seem to be drawn thousands of sparks which give you another elegance to the panorama. Images that inspire incredible sensations.

In addition, in Costalegre you can practice the best sports. In Barra Navidad and Majahuas the waves have the exact intensity to enjoy the best surf, planning on the water at great speed. In the Bay of Tenacatita you can appreciate the beautiful flora marina where sail through sharks, whales, turtles and dolphins; on fun scuba diving trips and snorkeling you will see abundant coral reef full of life and magnificent colors.

Another favorite here is the fishing. The lovers of this sport can venture out in search of marlin, sailfish and tuna, and enjoy an intense afternoon in the middle of the Pacific. In addition, you will not want to miss the spectacle of the sunset from this unparalleled perspective.

Being in Costalegre, the city of the sunsets prettiest of the Pacific, can not miss the Biosphere of the Sierra de Manatlán, where species in danger of extinction. Even the 50% of the life in this place protects it exists only in Mexico. Here you’ll be able to be in contact with white-tailed deer, jaguars, cats, wild, ocelots, crows, and chachalacas. In addition, live many different species of reptiles, amphibians, fish, insects, and native flora.

How many wonders you can enjoy in this beautiful region of the west mexican! Experiences that excite you and invite you back at every opportunity. Definitely Costalegre is a destination to live it to the fullest. Come and enjoy all of its charm!

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