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Oh Lala!: international cuisine and a select menu for your palate

Oh Lala! cocina internacional y un selecto menu para tu paladar
Oh Lala! cocina internacional y un selecto menu para tu paladar

In Playa del Carmen, your vacations can become an unforgettable experience because here you have the possibility to do during each day of your stay, something different. Do you want to enjoy the heavenly landscape that offer their coasts washed by the Caribbean Sea? You can do it and visit the different beaches that are located here and in its surrounding area. Do you want to make eco-tourism? You’ll also find parks and reserves to visit and get to know the most representative of their natural environment.

Playa del Carmen is synonymous with nature, beaches, adventure and much more. Are you one of those travellers who also enjoy outings, dining? So here you’ll have to choose between a large number of restaurants with flavors from the region and around the world.

One of these is Oh Lala!, international cuisine and a select menu for your palate. This restaurant is the result of the passion of its chef and owner George who, after having traveled around the world and have captured different cultural experiences, opened the doors of its first restaurant in Playa del Carmen.

Entering this site is to enter the world of Chef George who, with passion and talent, prepares delicious dishes in your kitchen, that remains open so that diners can see the moment of the preparation, from the order until the dish arrives at your table.

In a cozy atmosphere, Oh Lala! it is rather small, but with comfortable facilities and a modern decor that will make you feel very comfortable. The excellent service and the quality of their dishes rounded off a perfect circle, where everything is designed for the tourist who comes up here takes a unforgettable experience.

What are your main dishes? What preparations you must try Oh Lala!? The menu created by George gives an account of a diversity of flavors and aromas that will tempt. Let’s see the letter you’ll want to try everything!

Among the entries, you’ll be able to choose the papaya thai with papaya, shrimp, tomatoes and peanuts, among other ingredients; mussels in white wine, a delight for lovers of the flavors of the sea; as well as the focaccia tuna. There are also other classics such as the caprese salad or the mediterranean, antipastos, plates of cheeses and many more.

If these dishes make up the input, imagine what you’ll find when you choose the entrée! At this time, you will have to decide between lamb chops, filet mignon in red wine sauce, thai curry, tagliata di manzo, ?sea and land? that has as its protagonist the caribbean spiny lobster and one of the dishes most recommended is the tuna with the butter, accompanied by soy sauce and butter on mashed potatoes.

Desserts and a wide range of beverages complete the magnificent letter of Oh Lala!, a world of flavors to discover and indulge. Visit this restaurant in Playa del Carmen and enjoy an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

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