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What lover of the outdoor activities? Do not miss the tour Extreme Adventure

Tour Parque Extreme Adventure Puerto Vallarta
Tour Parque Extreme Adventure Puerto Vallarta


Are you thinking of visiting a destination in paradise on your vacation and make extreme practices? Without a doubt one of the best alternatives is Puerto Vallarta. This wonderful city, warm along the coasts of the Pacific Ocean, with magnificent natural landscapes composed of rivers, beaches, islands, jungles, bays, and the towering mountains of the Sierra Madre Occidental. It is a place that no tourist restless should let you know, given the multitude of alternatives of adventure it offers.

In this sense, one of the main attractions that has Puerto Vallarta is the Park Extreme Adventure. The same was inaugurated in the year 2012 and possesses an important number of activities of different levels of complexity that can be undertaken by the whole family. Here are some practices that are more extreme than others and, depending on how brave you are the adventurous, will be able to decide what activities to be carried out. Take a tour for the different attractions, the place is one of the entertainments preferred by locals and for the thousands of tourists who visit it throughout the year.

The tour has an approximate duration of 6 hours and the minimum age to participate is 8 years. Among the large number of activities that the Park, the most outstanding are:

  • Series of Zip-lines: is a fantastic circuit height that allows you to go through the entire park at high speeds. It has the zip-line faster and long of the country, which has 1,200 meters long and the speed of travel is close to 100 kilometres per hour. Without a doubt it is a wonderful experience, perfect for lovers of adrenaline.
  • Rappelling: it is a fun practice that consists in descending by a rope, through various obstacles, from platforms located at the top of the trees.
  • Crazy ladder: it is a staircase of 15 meters high that moves to the side again and again, while walking on it.
  • Swing Tarzan: this is a swing of 20 meters high by 40 meters long, from which the adventurers are thrown at full speed.
  • 4 x 4 vehicles: this activity offers tourists the possibility of driving vehicles Polaris RZR all-terrain for different trails that are located in the middle of the jungle. On these walks can be seen, in all its magnitude, the wonders of the flora and fauna of the region, while driving at high speeds through terrain filled with obstacles such as hills and rivers.

What adventure are you willing to live? If you are a lover born of the outdoor activities don’t miss out on a tour through the Park Extreme Adventure, feel the adrenaline at its maximum expression in your tour of Vallarta!

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