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You know the rhythm of the Carnival of Cancun, one of the most popular of Mexico

Conoce el ritmo del Carnaval de Cancun
Conoce el ritmo del Carnaval de Cancun


As if that is not reached with the turquoise glittering sea of Cancun, with the gold that dazzles the beaches or with the intense green that takes over the horizon, as if these colours were not enough, the Carnival of Cancun takes over the calendar, the streets and the corners to bring more life and energy. This is one of the most awaited events for the inhabitants and also the tourists, as it displays the joy and fervor that Mexico takes in your blood. This is why we invite you to discover, through the words, the rhythm of the Carnival of Cancun, one of the most popular of Mexico!

What are the keys that make this feast is alive with splendor and joy? In the first place, an artistic production, varied and organized, which allows that no day is the same as the previous, and each participant will go hoping that you back out to the sun to start again. Well, in between parades, dance groups and music, there are days full of excitement and anticipation.

Each February and during several days, the streets are dressed with costumes varied and different colours and the groups they dance with their coordinated steps although descontracturados, getting under the skin of the characters they represent and giving them his joy among the audience.

The costumes, feathers, and glitter are some of the allies reign supreme. And among the moments most anticipated figure in the emergence of the first cars, which overflow into decoration, hanging objects, and garlands, which also move without rhyme or reason. To achieve the car’s most novel and original, there is a lot of effort and work behind the curtain that we must not lose sight of that.

The Carnival of Cancun is an event that can engage the whole family, kids and youth, according to the corresponding category. Also, like every celebration you must have a host, there is no lack of competition to select the king and queen of the Carnival, which are in charge of chairing the event. Also choose such figures as Miss Congeniality, Elegance and Photogenic.

The collective effort is rewarded in every new edition, with awards to the best groups and floats. And by luck, the music will be a companion, a mainstay in the closure of the Carnival, leaving the hearts happy and waiting for the next February.

While the length and breadth of Mexico, there are other carnivals that have transcended all kinds of boundaries by his fame, Cancun has been delayed to move forward and position itself as one of the most successful. Especially because in addition to the feast, it is a destination able to offer all the facilities and services that a traveller looks for in their vacation. In addition to the figures of always, every year adds a renewed public, who choose Cancun as a vacation destination and that, to be surprised, promises to come back next year. Without a doubt, this party ?shrovetide? it amazes and captivates all.

What you don’t know to dance? Well, don’t worry, the pace that brings the Carnival of Cancun will emerge from your body, dance steps that you did not know that you could do. I marvel to yourself at this great party cancunense!

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