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A rainbow of experiences at Bacalar Lake, the Lagoon of Seven Colors


Those looking for a beautiful place to relax in the water off the beaten path should head to Bacalar Lake, a lagoon situated in a town with the same name near the Quintana Roo capital of Chetumal.

Bacalar Lake is also known as the Lagoon of the Seven Colors, and with good reason – its waters are famous for their wide range of rich colors and hues. The greens and blues of the water come from the mixing of saltwater and freshwater currents, with the varying levels of salinity refracting light in different ways to create a veritable kaleidoscope of color in the water.

On top of the lagoon’s beautiful colors, Bacalar Lake is also a top choice for those looking to enjoy water sports. Many different activities are available on the lagoon, but the one most visitors choose is diving. A dip beneath the waters of the lake reveals many aquatic caves waiting to be explored.

Those who come to the lake in hopes of a unique experience above the surface of the water are also in luck, as the lagoon is surrounded by lush mangrove forests. The picturesque clusters of trees are an important part of the ecosystem, and a tour of the groves lets tourists see many well-known local flora and fauna.

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