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CocoBongo: the mecca of the night in Cancun

CocoBongo, la meca de la noche en Cancún
CocoBongo, la meca de la noche en Cancún


Cancun is an unbeatable destination when it comes to celebrating life. The options are not exhausted to enjoy the day on the beach or in the sea. The night also exhausted in the contemplation of a beautiful sunset. On the contrary: the night invites us to recharge, to meet with friends to share some drinks, talk about the sites that we visit and tours we have left to do, as well as listen to the best music of fashion. The proposals in nightclubs and dens are varied but one of the exceptional sites it is CocoBongo: the mecca of the night in Cancun.

CocoBongo offers a different concept of fun in the nightlife of Cancun. Here the mixture of a excellent atmosphere along with people who want to share good times and have a good time, in addition to an architecture that expresses the best of modernism but at the same time exploits the best of nature and the environment are the secret keys of a CocoBongo which is already fully positioned.

Also, as a component in a differential and exclusive with entertaining shows, in which actors of great talent playing different characters in movies and songs, cheering the night and raising the temperature of the place.

Stunts in the air mixed with the lights and with the songs of fashion are opening the way to a mise-en-scene is wonderful. All this of course accompanied by the best technology in audio and image, that allows you to the show even more fun. These shows have been well received by different organizations and media, such as Billboard Magazine and Rolling Stone, who recognize that in CocoBongo there is something special in the night.

An open bar accompanies the party with drinks, as well as those drinks creative that arise at the moment, thanks to the imagination and knowledge of the bar tenders.

As useful information, to take into account: it is advisable to arrive early, so as not to miss any detail and be able to find a good location. In addition, it is also preferable to buy tickets in advance since, in that case, the access is direct, in change, who must remove it, they have to stand in line and wait. In addition, the show has an average duration of 4 to 5 hours, so it is recommended to wear comfortable shoes. Keep in mind that once that ends the show, CocoBongo is converted into a nightclub, so that you still have several more hours to enjoy the party.

Finally, the place has a souvenir shop in which you can find several things to buy as a souvenir: from keychains, bracelets, tumbler holder, up to t-shirts and shorts.

If you want to enjoy an unforgettable night at CocoBongo and then go to the hotel to rest and to remember, sonriéndote and soul full, you just live, you can start making your reservations at any of the magnificent beach resorts of Cancun and also by getting in advance your tickets to the show. I will never regret it!

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