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Diving with dolphins in Cozumel

Diving with dolphins in Cozumel

Cozumel, an island in the Caribbean Sea off the eastern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, is located close to the Yucatan Channel, opposite Playa del Carmen. This heaven on the earth is said to receive the first Mexico’s sunrays every day and it is a popular tourist destination due to the majesty of the Caribbean Sea, its beaches and its famous coral reefs.

The deep blue waters of the Caribbean Sea attract tourists from all over the world, who enjoy diving and snorkeling among the most incredible submarine sceneries, surrounded by colorful tropical fish and incomparable coral formations.

One of the many adventures that Cozumel offers is to swim and interact with dolphins in their natural environment. These amazing mammals are one of the most intelligent species on earth. They are even believed to be the only species to have a coded language similar to humans’.

Chankanaab National Park is a National Reserve located in the heart of the island. It was created to protect the native vegetation, wild animals and coral reefs.

It will take you only 15 to 20 minutes to arrive at Chankanaab by taxi from the Cozumel Cruise port. Once in the Park, you will be able to enjoy the marvelous experience of sharing some time with dolphins. The “Swim with Dolphins Cozumel Program” allows you to know dolphins from a new and completely different perspective.

In the first stage of the program, the Dolphin Orientation Session, experienced dolphin trainers will teach you all about dolphins’ physiology and behavior. You will get a first contact with dolphins and you’ll even receive a kiss from them!

The second part of the program involves enjoying the adventurous experience of making a trip on the lagoon riding on a dolphin’s belly! The beauty, grace and intelligence of these mammals will catch your heart forever. The most thrilling part of the ride is when your new friend pushes you across the water from the bottom of your feet. You won’t forget that experience as long as you live! The minimum required age for this activity is 8 years old. Pregnant women cannot participate in swim programs.

You will be given a mask for underwater viewing, so that you can snorkel to “spy” dolphins as they speed and swim through the water showing their amazing agility. They will frequently come close to you asking for your caress and more kisses! You are not allowed to take your camera into the water or into the swimming areas.

The ideal experience for children is undoubtedly the Dolphin Encounter. This program doesn’t include swimming. Instead, you will interact with a dolphin that will become your friend. You and your children will have the opportunity to hug it, kiss it, receive its kiss on your cheek, and enjoy watching your new friend while it performs all types of amazing tricks for you!

Take the most beautiful souvenir of all! – After your odyssey you’ll be able to purchase a personalized video and photos of this magic experience.

If you come to Cozumel, remember a good friend with fins is waiting for you in Chankanaab.

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