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La Habichuela: One of the Best Restaurants in Cancun

La Habichuela One of the Best Restaurants in Cancun

During your vacation to Cancun, indulge yourself and experience some of the best Yucatan food that the world has to offer in La Habichuela. So while on vacation, get ready to make your taste buds dance at one of the best restaurants in Cancun.

La Habichuela restaurant has been a Cancun fixture since 1977, according to the restaurant’s website, and has made a name for itself both in the city and overseas. The restaurant was given the Five Stars Award from the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences – an award that less than 1 percent of hospitality establishments have.

The garden area of the restaurant is decorated with replications of Mayan sculptures complete with a mural of a jungle, giving diners a unique eating experience, according to the website. The dish to try at La Habichuela is the famous Cocobichuela, which has been served by the establishment more than 350,000 times. Savor the flavors of the large lobster and and shrimp cooked in curry sauce, that is served to you in a coconut shell topped with fresh fruit, according to the restaurant in Cancun.

“All our recipes are based on our family traditions,” owner Armando Pezzotti wrote on the website. “Year after year, we greet old friends who come back again and again. Our guests feel as if they are dining in the home of some great Mayan noble family, filled with the Yucatan’s mysterious charm.”

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