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Fishing the waters of Holbox


Visitors to the island of Holbox, situated off the north coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, will find an area of the Riviera Maya not yet dominated by tourism, where they can experience the island’s primary industry firsthand on a fun fishing expedition.

People coming to Holbox can hire the services of a local fisherman for the day to go out on the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Depending on the season, you can try your hand at catching crab, octopus, trout and many other denizens of the deep.

The most satisfying part of a Holbox fishing expedition isn’t the catch, however – it’s the feast afterward. If you wish, your guide can clean your fish for you and make ceviche, a popular dish in Central and South America, where chefs cook the meat using the acid found in citrus juice.

Those looking to go fishing during a visit to Holbox should try to arrange their trip in the mornings, as that is the time of day when fish are hungriest and most likely to be caught. Many fishing boats can carry up to five people, so the whole family will be able to enjoy a day in the sea.

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