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From Cancun to Isla Cozumel: a route full of natural attractions

De Cancun a Isla Cozumel un recorrido repleto de atractivos naturales
De Cancun a Isla Cozumel un recorrido repleto de atractivos naturales

The Mexican Caribbean is a paradise on earth without equal. These lands, to which the mother nature has given them the best he had, to become a tourist destination of excellence, in which the magic and mysteries mayan combined with the perfect white sand beaches and turquoise waters. This, in addition to the tourist services of the first class, positioned on the Eastern coast of Mexico as one of the best natural scenery on the planet.

Without a doubt, one of the cities most representative of the Caribbean, one of the cities that most visitors attracted, it is the city of Cancun. Of course! A natural environment unique, combined with the comfort, modernity, and the maya mysteries, it becomes a destination, undeniably seductive.

During your visit to the shores of the jewel of Quintana Roo, you can’t let you make the journey from Cancun to Isla Cozumel, a trip full of natural attractions that will cautivarte. So, from the shores of the Peninsula up to this large island located in the middle of the caribbean turquoise waters you will be delighted with all of the scenery of the Caribbean in a single trip. Mangroves, cenotes, rivers, exotic beaches and tropical rainforest, the same day and in the same place! Fascinating!

One of the options for the journey from the coast to the island, is to do it via air. A plane with 19 passengers take off to Cozumel several times a day. Or by sea, the boats depart from Cancun from 7am to 7pm. Now, if your intention is to enjoy a touch of genuine and direct contact with the natural treasures of the coast of Quintana Roo, the recommendation is to do this boat tour. When you do this you’ll be able to watch from near the great wealth of these lands and their exquisite contrasts.

This tour starts with a clear goal, advancing on the horizon that is seen from afar, that line, perfectly drawn to the sea and the sky will be the first gift of nature for your eyes. Then, you will begin to navigate towards the south, traveling parallel to the hotel zone of the city: ¡perfect combination between luxury and exoticism! The sand will seem even more white than it is, the water will intensify the colors of the sky and you’ll appreciate the hotels in the distance, exquisite architectural works that are located on the shores of the best beaches in the world.

Suddenly, as you will not see neither luxury nor opulence, before you there will only be rain forest filled with huge palm trees that dance to the wind, red cedar that is stained ochre and the intense green of the jungle. In the water, the mangroves and linda corbeil embrace the small dunes, making purple a privileged alien species: crocodiles, turtles taxed, pink flamingos and pelicans, are just some of them.

When you are coming to the island, surely a herd of dolphins will accompany the boat, escoltándola with jumps and dances around. To finish, once again the paradise: Cozumel and its marvelous cenotes with crystal clear waters, coral reefs and deserted beaches.

The wealth of these lands will leave you head-over-heels in love, and its undeniable diversity remain alert to your five senses. Enjoy the natural paradises most beautiful planet in the coasts of Quintana Roo!

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