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Santos: where the food tastes better with music

De Santos, Comida Vallarta
De Santos, Comida Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta enjoys a thousand different ways. It is a city that can appreciate your side of colonial and harmonize with urban landscapes, to the pair of modern architecture. For its beaches tourists live intense experiences, defying the waves, or resting on its fine white sand. But also, and above all things, it is a destination that can be enjoyed in its incredible flavors, those who feel on the palate and transmit sensations unexplained. Definitely, the cuisine will print to this locality, one of its most distinctive features.

Puerto Vallarta, a destination of magic and charms, invites you to enjoy delicious delicacies and one of the most elegant of the city that you can visit is Of Saints. There, every one of the travelers can enjoy their best dishes and meet the whole world through its flavors.

The friendly atmosphere of this restaurant is the first thing they see. You can opt for a table inside, where the warm lights, nice decoration and the beautiful details of the tables and the bar in wood, become completely beautiful in this place. You will be extremely comfortable and at ease. If you want to enjoy your dinner under the stars, as the patio is the place to go then. There, the plants watered, of fresh aromas in the evenings How can you not enjoy such a site?

It time to taste the best dishes of Vallarta! You can order delicious entries, such as Portobello Mushrooms, Beef Carpaccio, Octopus, Mediterranean, or Asparagus au Gratin with Mozzarella What main Dish? Well, here the options are very varied. Pizzas, salads, handmade pastas, paella or cuts beef and chicken, with delicious garnishes and sauces, are the proposals that the charter offers. Delicacies that have the delicate detail that only gourmet cuisine knows how to give.

A good meal can not be missing a delicious wine. Red, white and rosé wines are on offer to accompany the dishes and to combine intense flavors. A true feast to the palate and to the soul that makes a simple evening, a magical moment and more than pleasant. In addition, beers, soft drinks and waters not have to be absent for absolutely everyone to feel satisfied at the table.

Finished the main dish, it is time to enjoy a rich dessert. Volcano of Chocolate, cakes of various fruit and Creme Brulee are some of the delights on offer do you Prefer a cocktail? So here we combine the beverage more delicious and intense, with creams and fruit, creating preparations from the amazing flavors, I try them out!

Of Saints is the place where the food tastes better with music. Here, live bands filled with pleasant melodies, each one of the corners of this fantastic restaurant, creating a romantic atmosphere. Definitely, this magnificent eatery is a perfect place to enjoy it with each of the senses.

You now know where to enjoy the best flavors in your trip to Puerto Vallarta. You just have to go to the 2400 Blvd. Fco. Medina Asencio and give yourself to the best dining experience of the Mexican Pacific. ¡Buen provecho!

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