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Holbox breakfast at the French in the Garden

Desayuno a la francesa en Le Jardin, Holbox
Desayuno a la francesa en Le Jardin, Holbox

The sun begins to illuminate the blessed island of Holbox and its streets of sand. The fishermen take the turn and it is time to start the day. The palm trees dance to the sound of the wind and the sea, turquoise and imposing, waiting for the adventure. The bars start opening their doors and, of little, the movement of people starts to fill up of life this branch of paradise.

How to crown this morning, awesome that you will enjoy in the shores of the Caribbean Sea? Of course! Delighting you with an exquisite breakfast at the French in the Garden, Holbox. When you think of a restaurant or French pastries the first thing that we imagine is a site sophisticated, elegant, almost luxurious. But the mexican lands have the capacity to turn around with your style and, if there is something that characterizes this bar, their attributes are building well-screened t-shirts.

The Garden is one of the restaurants most important of the island. The same is located on Calle Lisa, and becomes the kingdom par excellence of lovers of good food. The Garden will offer a little taste of paris in the streets of sandy white beaches of Holbox, a perfect combination!

The aroma of fresh bread fills the streets of the island. The cooks, with the precision required to create dishes that are sweet and measuring each ingredient to perfection, create delight absolute to the palate of the diners are more demanding.

Visit a restaurant that is among the best of Holbox in the rankings on TripAdvisor is not equal to know of any other, since the legitimacy of the travelers gives you a plus without equal.

The air tropical feel in the warm and familiar atmosphere of the Garden. A peculiarity of this restaurant is that it has no table service. When you arrive you should arrange your order at the bar, at which time surely the owner will receive you with a big smile.

Among the delicious menus stand out, of course, the baguette bread, muffins nutela and banana, croissants, chocolate and the ham and cheese sandwich. The presentations of the dishes is a real art, that takes care of every detail. I take a look at the famous breakfasts of fruit, are a wonder!

?From wherever you come, enter and be welcome? versa the legend that is painted with big letters on the counter. Whether inhabitants of the island as Chicho, the fisherman elder of the place; or, travelers who come to delight your five senses, this bakery welcomes its guests with open arms and the warmth of those people who live in small settlements, but with charm.

The prices of the Garden are very accessible. The place has two floors, both with palapa roof. In its surroundings, the tropical palm trees you should remember that even if you are delighting you with appetizers parisian you’re in Mexico, not in the old continent.

The Garden opens its doors Wednesday, Friday and Sunday from 8:00 to 12:00 and from 17: 30 to 20:00. If you don’t want to stay without your croissants chocolate arrives early because the demand for good products is always a lot of.

Enjoy the flavors of paris in Mexico, don’t visit the Garden!

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