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Di Vino: a contemporary restaurant in Playa del Carmen

Di Vino is a contemporary restaurant in Playa del Carmen 1

The restaurant The Glass Barr/ Di Vino was opened in 2003 thanks to a project created by Nicola Iorio, with the help of his partner Riccardo Bertazzoni. Togethter they have built a family company that boasts international style, service, and organization. The restaurant was open to the public with the aim of offering in this wonderful area of Mexico a modern concept of cuisine and enology reminiscent of a united south and north Italy, without forgetting the traditions and typical flavors.

Playa del Carmen is one of the most attractive destinations of the Mexican Caribbean. Located in the heart of Riviera Maya, only 68 km to the south of Cancun, it has a perfect semi-tropical climate with an average temperature of 25º C, although it might reach up to 35º C during the summer with sunny days almost every day of the year. In this dream location, kissed by the waters of the Caribbean, you will find beautiful beaches with quiet waves ideal for resting, sunbathing, and practice all kinds of activities. There are also many ecological parks where you will be able to practice a variety of water sports such as: Snorkel, Windsurf, and even Kite surf. For those who enjoy diving, in the dock area, you can hire tours that take to the immediacies of the coral reef system, which is the second largest of the world, or tour the deep pool areas. During the night the thing to do is visit the Fifth Avenue, the most famous spot for hanging in Playa del Carmen. In this area abound the restaurants, bars with a cosmopolitan ambience, clothing stores, jewelry stores, and exclusive boutiques.

Di Vino is a contemporary restaurtant in Playa del Carmen that offers a unique combination of Italian cuisine with a Mediterranean accent; a modern and creative approach with dishes that are prepared with a careful selection of local and imported ingredients that determine a traditional concept and creative. This is clearly reflected in the culinary creations of the restaurant. In The Glass Bar / Di Vino, you will find artisanal breads and pasta, a selection of cuts of meat, and a full range of fishes and seafood.

The wine has an important role in the dining experience the restaurant offers. The vine is cultivated in Italy form the II millennium BC. The restaurant specializes in Italian wines from exclusive wineries, all carefully selected and imported by VINOPOLIS, another company of the group, with more than 200 labels that come from all the corners of Italy. In Italy there are over 355 local vineyards; thanks to VINOPOLIS you will be able to enjoy and some of the typical grapes in the menu.

The Restaurant The Glass Bar Di Vino is designed to offer the necessary comfort for you to organize events, buffets, weddings, and other reunions, in an elegant yet casual ambiance. The restaurant offers a semi-private area and two terraces that can be booked in advance for events. You and your guests will enjoy a sophisticated and modern dining experience in a private ambient in Playa del Carmen.

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