Home Destinations Interactive Aquarium Cancun: immersing yourself into the depths of the ocean

Interactive Aquarium Cancun: immersing yourself into the depths of the ocean

Interactive Aquarium Cancun immersing yourself into the depths of the ocean

Cancun, Quintana Roo is an idyllic vacation destination. Once a sleepy fishing island surrounded by virgin forest and desolate shores, it has now become one of the most renowned Mexican beach resorts. The Caribbean Sea is home to hundreds of thousands of vibrantly colored fish and all sorts of marine life, so Cancun is the place to discover a whole new world: the underwater world. There are myriads of snorkeling and diving spots that will just astonish you. But if what your looking for an incredible encounter with this fascinating and unknown world, the Interactive Aquarium Cancun is a must visit.

The Interactive Aquarium is located at Plaza la Isla, the most important shopping mall in Cancun, right in the middle of the Hotel Zone. It’s without any kind of objections, the biggest attraction in the mall. Getting there is only a matter of minutes from virtually anywhere in Cancun.

A visit to the Interactive Aquarium is like immersing yourself into the depths of the ocean to discover endless varieties of marine plant and animal life. Sharks and sea turtles, seahorses and feathered piranhas, and all kinds of species living in the Caribbean Sea are also there for you to see them and learn about them and their habitat and their importance to the delicate balance of the ecosystem.

Attractions we all love: dolphins!

These lovely creatures are not only beautiful to look at, but also stunningly intelligent. They are capable of so many things! They’re capable of making the smile return to a very depressed person’s face, boosting self-estime, reducing stress, generating impulse control and stimulating social features. The Delphinotherapy program, is a dolphin assisted therapy program allowing the enhancing of emotions (such as happiness and joy) and strengths (optimism, wisdom) while integrating enthusiasm and motivation signs.

The dolphins’ show (the only one of its type in Cancun) is an exciting and entertaining performance by these incredibly smart mammals. Swimming with the dolphins is a unique experience and the biggest dream of many people, as well as the main attraction at the Interactive Aquarium.

A different kind of diving

Get into the water with your own personal instructors and your scuba equipment and enjoy the unique experience of diving along with the dolphins! This is totally different from traditional different dolphin encounter and is suitable for all kinds of divers, from beginners to experienced and certified divers.

Feeding the sharks

These magnificent fish rank first within the list of the most feared inhabitants of the ocean. Endless movies portray them as ferocious and cruel. This attraction is a must do. There’s nothing to be afraid of! Within the safety of a totally protected acrylic box, you’ll immerse in a tank full of different species of sharks. This is the big opportunity of taking a really close look to the masters of the see while actually feeding them. The adrenalin and excitement of this attraction can’t be surpassed by anything else!

The Aquarium

It’s like diving in the deep submarine world without actually getting in the water. The 13 huge fish tanks with natural settings of the ocean are home to an immense number of species of marine creatures you’ll see and sometimes even get to touch! Rays, piranhas, moray eels, jellyfish, seahorses, soles, clownfish (like Nemo), dolphin skeleton, scorpion fish and different types of coral are just a few examples of all that’s there to see!

Visiting the Interactive Aquarium is a superb experience for people of all ages. Don’t you just wish you could enjoy the wonders of the ocean. Make it happen!

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