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Museums in Chetumal: learn and enjoy during your stay

Museums in Chetumal learn and enjoy during your stay

Chetumal is the border city between Mexico and Belize. Chetumal is called “the entrance door to Mexico”. Chetumal is very rich in history so the focus of the place is on past events that gave life to it. According to the legend, the first mixed race love took place on Chetumal between a Spanish soldier and a Mayan princess.

Due to its incredible background, Chetumal has plenty of museums that tourists and visitors can learn and enjoy during their stay.

In Chetumal museums, the visitors will be able to enjoy the investigations of archeologists and historians that little by little and very carefully have revealed the history of the Mayan people in the region. Museums offer multilingual tour guides.

Museum of the City: It was reopened in 2010 due to some restructuring of the building. In order to save the history of Chetumal so that it could be appreciated by future generations, the Museum of the city was installed near the Quintana Roonian Institute of Culture. Apart from being one of the most ancient buildings in the city and a beautiful architectonic design and decoration, the museum has six rooms full of photographs, furniture, guns and other instruments related to this city.

The first room is used for history of Payo Obispo, the second room for the foundation of the city and its first years, the third one for the wooden houses (due to Belice influence) and the forth room for the nationalist influence in Chetumal. In the fifth room, they show the recovery of city after the devastating Yanet hurricane. In the sixth room, you can observe Chetumal daily life, with its games, traditions and customs.

Among the most attractive pieces in the museum, you can find a small version of Chetumal pontoon, a kind of ship that was used for the customs in the times where Payo Obispo started its first business splendor.

The museum also has an area dedicated to the feminine world at home in which you can see sawing machines, irons and chairs that were used in traditional families. These families were very important in the local historic process.

The museum stores some of the weapons used in the Castas War, ancient vases, coins, collars, radios, tv, among other items that belonged to the admiral of the Mexican army, Othón Pompeyo Blanco.

Other museums and historical centers include the Museum of Mayan Culture which is one of the most impressive and complete museums of Mayans.

Chetumal is a city with plenty of activities for those that love history as they can immerse themselves in the storytelling of tour guides that explain every detail of important events.

After your visit to historic places, you can relax and enjoy the exciting nightlife that Chetumal has to offer. You can go to the best restaurants and order your favorite dish accompanied by family and friends. Once you finish an incredible dish, you can go dancing or just listen to excellent music with the great variety of bars and discos in the city. Chetumal, a place where all your senses are activated.

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