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Enjoy the Fifth Avenue in Playa del Carmen

Enjoy the Fifth Avenue in Playa del Carmen

Located less than an hour’s drive from Cancun on the Coast of the Caribbean Sea, Playa del Carmen or simply Playa as its locals call it is one true paradise in the Yucatan Peninsula. Being originally a picturesque fishing village, it has turned out as a major touristic destination and the third largest city in the Quintana Roo state. It is the gateway to the Yucatan Riviera and the perfect destination for a vacation full of peaceful walks on the beach, glamorous shopping afternoons, delightful out-door dinners of the most varied types and exciting, believe me, truly exciting nightlife.

Joy, fun, friendliness and excitement at Playa del Carmen have one name: The Quinta Avenida or The Fifth Avenue. The Fifth Avenue is commonly referred to as “Playa del Carmen Pedestrian Walkway.” It is the city’s main street and the visitors’ favorite attraction! It is located only 300 meters away from the beach and runs parallel to it from calle 1 (Street 1) to calle 40 (Street 40).

Now, close your eyes, feel the ocean breeze caress your face and hear the relaxing whisper of the waves as we walk together the two kilometers that the Fifth Avenue covers along the beautiful Pacific Ocean. Enjoy the 5th Avenue in Playa del Carmen!

Full of color!

The atmosphere is lively and colorful, there are shops selling almost everything imaginable: from the latest trends from Europe to local huipiles (which are beautiful blouses with a handmade trim), Cuban Cigars, Rum Stores, jewelry, glassware, hand-craft pottery, wood sculptures, Mexican chocolate or tequila. Color will catch your attention because it is everywhere: in every shop, in every stall, in every flower.

Full of taste!

As you walk the streets you will be filled with the most varied aromas. A plethora of the most varied tastes and flavors fill the air as you pass in front of the restaurants in the Fifth Avenue. Enjoy exquisite seafood dishes or delight your palate with an Italian entrée. Take a sit at an open-air restaurant and taste the spicy Mexican cuisine. Or enjoy international dishes of the most varied types: French, American, Asian or German! There are as many menus as visitors’ tastes. Believe me, for an unforgettable dinner in Playa del Carmen you have to visit the Fifth Avenue.

Full of excitement!

From bars with live music to incredible parties, the Fifth Avenue never sleeps. If you want to dance all night long and make new friends, visit the Fifth Avenue at night. You will find all the rhythms from electronic music to Latin Salsa; from pop and flamenco to rock, jazz or reggae! Enjoy your tequila and sing a Mexican “ranchera” with the “mariachis” or dance the night away and make friends from all over the world!
If you don’t want to miss anything that happens on the lively Fifth Avenue, there are cheap hotels located at the Avenue. If you prefer to be a little bit further from the night excitement you will find many hotels and resorts not far away from the Pedestrian Walkway.

You will fall in love with the Fifth Avenue. Why, you ask? Because it has this friendly atmosphere, this sense of “everything” that every tourist seeks. Because it has this colorful magic that makes visitors come back to it again and again. Just visit it once and you’ll see.

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