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Punta Sur Park: an ecological reserve full of historical wonders

Punta Sur Park an ecological reserve full of historical wonders

Punta Sur Park is an ecological reserve and comprises the most varieties in natural and historical wonders. Located in the most suthern spot of Cozumel, a great destination full of amazing tours and attractions, is the perfect place to experience many different moments and transform your vacations in trully unforgettable. This place is also known as Faro de Punta Celerain Ecological Park and it has a surface of over 100 Hc. The main objective of the place is to preserve and conservate the five ecosystems that conform it as well as it brings to the traveller the best variety of attractions.

This place contains the most varied natural escenarios many of which are beaches. Beacuse of that, the west coast of the places has been designed as snorkel area in where the traveller can enjoy swimming with the most colourful and exotic marine biodiversity as well as to appreciate the magnificense of the coral reef that is very well offshore. But for those looking for more excitement, there are available scuba equipments so as to dive in more deep waters. Moreover, the beaches that are located in the east sector of the park are nesting zone for the loggerhead and green turtles from May till October.

What is more, in this park it is the Colomba Lagoon. This lagoon shows the best mangrove landscape and is the home of a very variety of birds and vegetation. This place also offers the chances to the traveller to encounter with the star of the place, the crocodile.

Those that are not looking for dives can opt to go for a tour in the museums of the place. The Punta Sur Park offers the best options to go to visit and one of them is the Museum of the Navigation Evolution dating from the 1930’s. This exhibition is located right next to the lighthouse and this used to be the lighthouse keeper’s house. This museum has a total of five exhibition rooms in which every one of them shows artifacts that range from the Mayan till the most contemporanean artifacts. Moreover, those looking for a breathtaking panorama can climb the lighthouse and observe the splendour of the island and sightseen the most amazing dance in the air that the birds of the zone display at sight of everybody.

Moreover, there is another piece of history in this park and it is the Tumba del Caracol. It is an ancient Mayan ruine that dates from the 7th and 12thcentury and it is dedicated to the Goddess Ixtel. This amazing and unique structure is very particular since it used to work as a hurricane predictator since the walls of this building are made of seashelves and according to the direction of the wind, the shells sounds in a different variety of tones.

There are no doubts that comming to this park will be absolutalle the best choise to spend an afternoon enjoying of the natural life and a little of history. If you are near to Cozumel, could be visit it!

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