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Taste some Tequila in Cancun

Taste some Tequila in Cancun

Reward yourself after a long day at the beach by going to a tequila tasting in Cancun. Much like wine tasting, tequila tasting is considered an art in Mexico, where over 100 distilleries are located.

The blue agave plant produces more than 600 types of tequilas, although there is a strict set of rules about the creation of tequila that must be followed by all distilleries. According to Mexican law, tequila must contain at least 51 percent agave, and tequila with 100 percent agave can only be made and bottled in the country.

Cancun offers many places to try some of the local drink. The Restaurante La Destileria is a tequila museum that gives you the opportunity to learn more about the origins of tequila and the complex distilling process. At the end of the tour, a guide will sit you down and explain various types of tequila before giving visitors a sample.

Hacienda Sisal, one of the best restaurants in Cancun, not only offers weekly tequila tastings, but also boasts a large menu of delicious food that will pair well with many of the tequilas that you have tried. Enjoy the local fare with a local drink to make the experience that much more authentic.

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