Home Destinations Visit Endangered Turtles in Isla Mujeres while in Cancun

Visit Endangered Turtles in Isla Mujeres while in Cancun


While on vacation you can wander down the beautiful beaches in Cancun and wade through the crystal clear water. Located just off the coast, Isla Mujeres, boasts these familiar beautiful beaches as well, but also offers a place where you can visit a turtle farm.

The “Tortugranja” at Isla Mujeres protects the turtles breeding grounds and eggs against predators, since sea turtles are often hunted throughout Latin America for their eggs and meat.

In the 1980s, local fishermen founded the turtle farm in Isla Mujeres in order to protect some of the area’s oldest inhabitants. The new-born turtles live in three large pools for their first year, since most turtles in the wild do not survive their first few months. After the turtles are removed from the pools, they are tagged for monitoring purposes and then released back into the wild.

The sea turtles can weigh up to 300 kilograms, and are currently on the endangered species list. While the turtle farm is one of the attractions in Isla Mujeres, it is also a scientific facility where visitors are encouraged to learn more about the animals.

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