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You know the wonderful mayan world of Chichen Itza

Conoce el maravilloso mundo maya de Chichén Itzá
Conoce el maravilloso mundo maya de Chichén Itzá


Ancient civilizations, those that inhabited the mexican territory for hundreds of years and that somehow they were being uprooted from their culture after the european conquest, have left traces that are material and symbolic, the real treasures of their traditions and worldviews, which today constitute the approach more powerful of the inhabitants of Mexico to its roots.

Music, crafts, ancestral recipes, crafts and even languages make up a network of senses that give the Mexico of this dye extremely special and give you an aura of traditions and customs deep-rooted in the end.

But besides the footprints are symbolic of those that are transmitted orally from generation to generation, tirelessly, ancient peoples have left their mark materials of immense value, and one of these, a must to visit on your next vacation through Cancun, Chichen Itza. This is the citadel, most important of all the Latin-american continent, its level of conservation is far-fetched and constitutes the best mode of exploring the labyrinthine worlds of the maya culture in its maximum expression.

This colossal ancient city, it is estimated, was created in the year 525 of our time and worked for decades as a major ceremonial center in what is now the State of Yucatan. The archaeological complex is defended and preserved from the weather in a ritual of protection that is, in the background, a struggle for cultural survival of the peoples of the surrounding areas nearby.

In its interior, a few steps from the city of Chichen Itza, may be seen a series of buildings in a perfect state, among which are the Pyramid of Kukulkan, the Temple of the Columns, an observatory, the zodiac known as The Snail and the traditional enclosure intended for the Game of Ball, history likely of our popular football.

But in addition, this precious site of Yucatan, home to one of the natural wonders more incredible than the last times, the cenote known as “Cenote sagrado” or Sacred, and regarded as such by the local residents. It is a huge pool of fresh water that has sixty meters of diameter and almost thirty feet deep. It is believed that this mirror lens, located in the middle of the lush rainforest, it was considered by the maya as a site of ritual, in which they made offerings to the God of rain, Chac.

And as if this outside little, during the equinoxes of spring and autumn can be seen on the imposing Pyramid of Kukulcan, a play of light produced by the sun that simulate the descent of the Feathered Serpent on the stone walls. Without a doubt, one of the shows more mystical than you can imagine.

As it is, a vacation to Cancun can be so much more than a few days of spa and relax on the idyllic beaches. If you want to venture on a journey back in time, you know the wonderful mayan world of Chichen Itza and delight with the most wonderful that exists for these latitudes.

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