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Blue Lobster Restaurant in Playa del Carmen


Playa del Carmen, Playa for its locals, is a paradisiac beachside city located at only forty five minutes from Cancun and close to many touristic attractions in the area. Tourists from Europe and the whole globe choose Playa del Carmen every year to enjoy the combination of a relaxing atmosphere and the most exiting nightlife in the Yucatan Peninsula. For those who love enjoying the beach, fun and the best cuisine, Playa is a not-to-misstouristic destination.

Playa del Carmen is the third largest city in Quinatana Roo State but everything seems to be easy to find in just forty streets. Absolutely everything happens at the famous Fifth Avenue: from international trend shops to hand-craft articles; from Mexican “taco” stands to the finest restaurants, you can find whatever you are looking for along this picturesque walkway that runs about 300 meters away from the sea and parallel to it.

As you walk along the avenue you will be taken away by color and music, by the picturesque and lively atmosphere and the most varied scents that come out of the restaurants to fill the air and spell you in. There, right at the heart of the Fifth Avenue you will find the perfect place to taste the best lobster in Yucatan; fresh fish and seafood, Mexican specialties or an exquisite parrillada amid a comfortable an relaxing atmosphere.

The famous Blue Lobster Restaurant in Playa del Carmen is one of the finest restaurants in the city and the favorite for tourists and locals alike. Blue Lobster first settled in Cozumel in the year 1991 and it opened to the public in Playa del Carmen in 1996, soon becoming a dining trend mark in Playa.

Built in a charming Mexican style, with tropical wood everywhere, thatched roofs and beautiful waterfalls that give the restaurant a relaxing and warm atmosphere, Blue Lobster offers indoor white linen dining for those who prefer intimacy or outdoor tables at the beautiful restaurant’s terrace for the warm summer nights.

What makes Blue Lobster so special is that it offers:

  • The freshest meal! You will be able to select the lobster you want to taste from the restaurant’s tank.
  • A warm and kind attention.
  • A relaxing atmosphere.
  • The best lobster in the area!

What you will be able to taste at the Blue Lobster is: Great food!

You can start by tasting an exquisite appetizer like tuna tartar with avocado and olive oil or Mussels Casserole prepared with authentic live mussels. Then, try the black beans soup or the Lobster Bisque. I recommend you the last one because the unique recipe is secret. You will never taste anything like it again. As the entrée you will adore the Black Pearl Lobster, one of the visitors’ favorites, a “parrillada” or one of the Mexican specialties. Whatever you choose you will be delighted. You can accompany your meal with the finest national and international wines and enjoy a live show while you eat.

If you ever visit Playa del Carmen, do yourself a favor and follow the aroma when you walk in front of Blue Lobster. If that is your first vacation day, you will return every day.

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